Get The Shady Tree That You Want By Paying Attention To Some Things Here

Shady trees will give different nuance to your home environment. It will give you a cool, clean air that you can breathe on a daily basis. However, what needs to be noticed also is how you take care of the tree. You can visit the website to get the best treatment for your tree.

Keep in mind also that the shady trees will be very dangerous because it could have fallen and hit someone or the house around him. So, the care of trees will be included with pruning if the tree is too shady and much more. However, to choose the type of tree you want, there are some things you should consider.

1. The height of the tree
An important element to consider before choosing a shade tree is its height. The height of the tree with the floor of the house. Make sure the tree height is not more than three meters. Choose a tree with a leafy, leafy type of leaf to cover the sun.

2. Strong and Sturdy
Choose the type of shade tree strong and sturdy to make sure it is not easily broken when blown strong wind. The most fitting tree is a type that has strong roots piercing into the ground. Even so, do not plant trees with the size of branches or branches too large because it is dangerous if it collapses and hit objects or people passing by. Several types of shade trees are suggested, among others, Mango trees, Tanjung trees, mahogany, and Water Guava trees.

3. Easy Care
The best street or house shade tree if allowed to grow naturally. Therefore, do not choose trees with complex care patterns. In order for shade trees to grow the maximum do not forget to water, fertilizer, and cut branches regularly so that the growth of twigs and leaves do not disturb the comfort of people around your home.

4. Not Easy to Rupture
Choose the type of tree that is not easy to fall out so as not to bother you to clean it.