How to make the anti-theft fences

The fence is the first safety component of a dwelling. Although today many clusters are made without a fence, there are still many people who feel safer with the fence. Moreover, we can not completely rely on the security of occupancy of the security guard or a private security guard. Houses without fences do look more simple, practical, and modern. However, back again on the needs and functions. Meanwhile, you can visit if you need the professional fencing services.

If you want to minimize the risk of unsafe housing, you should build a fence. To maximize the function of the fence as the main gate of occupancy, there are some things that should be noted.

High Fence

You may be thinking of making the fence as high as possible in order to maintain the security of the house. It is true, the higher the fence, the less the risk of theft.

But you also need to take into account the cost and aesthetic value. The higher the fence, the material used is certainly more and more than the more expensive price. Ideally, a good fence height of adult height is approximately 170cm.

Fence Material

Choose a strong material to make a fence. The best material choice is brick because it is strong, not transparent, can muffle the sound into the house, and can ward off water coming in if the flood.

Negative sides, fence with a full brick material can make residents are often labeled antisocial because like confinement inhabitants in the house.


This question should be noted. Many people say a safety fence is a fence that has visibility or visibility into the house (the fence is not tight).

That is, residents can see the fence outside of the deepest area in the house though. The goal is to make it easier for residents to keep an eye on outsiders inside and neighbors can take part in watching the inside of the house if a thief goes inside.

Note, the selection of a transparent fence is good and suitable for homes located in a busy housing complex.

Conversely, if your home is in a lonely, closed, and individualist complex, you should avoid using a transparent fence and select a closed fence.