How to Soothe the Mind

Are you feeling stressed or unhappy? Do you want to calm yourself down? It’s not hard to practice calming your mind, and it can help you feel better and ready anytime. When you find a suitable way, do it and practice it often. You can also visit our website to do yoga retreats Italy.

Yoga is one type of low-risk muscle stretching exercise that helps soothe the muscles in your body. Because you have to focus on every yoga position, there will be no room to contemplate the cause of stress and ‘force’ your mind into calm.

– It would be better if starting yoga by following one of the classes. Yoga classes are formed to create a quiet environment, although there may be many people present. Look for local instructors or yoga classes at the gym

– Avoid yoga if you have physical problems such as a hernia, osteoporosis, or if you are at risk of tingling.

Here are some yoga moves you can try at home:

– Baddha Konasana’s position

Sit up straight but still relax with cross-legged position, bump your feet. Hold your feet down and slowly, lift your butt and spine upward. Perform this movement gently while taking a breath. Hold for 10 seconds. Then lower it. Perform this movement for 3 times so you can feel relaxed.

– Janu Sirsasana

After doing Baddha Konasana, straighten your right foot forward and place your left foot on the right thigh. Slowly, reach your feet with both hands while bending your head and pushing your back forward. Keep your shoulders, feet, and heads in line. Relax your breath and count to 8. Do the same on your left foot.

– Supine Spine Twist

The next step is to release the tension in the lower back, abdomen, and legs. You can do the following moves. Just like any other movement, this movement is performed for both right and left sides.

The secret that you can perform yoga movements correctly is by paying attention to your breath. Hold your breath for a long time, about 5-6 counts. Then the pull or the breath should be gentle and slow. This method can make you more relaxed and a more balanced mind.