Making Foundation Based on Soil Type

There are several steps that must be done in the process of making a foundation for buildings and residential homes. First, that is to make the calculation of the amount or weight of the load on the building that must be supported by the foundation then continued into the soil. Secondly, make provision of the carrying capacity and the size of the foundation area. Then the third is to create a structural design based on the data obtained from the first and second activities, then proceed with making the calculation of bending moments and shear forces that can occur in the foundation. From this can be made decisions suitable type of foundation is made, but in addition to the weight of the building and overflow load, the selection of the foundation is also determined by the type of soil at the site where the manufacture or development project implemented. If you are unsure of the foundation of your building, you should contact an expert through

Even the type of land is more often the main thing used as a consideration because each type of soil has a different carrying capacity. Therefore, the effect of frequent decline is also always not the same so that makes the foundation according to the type of soil has a very big influence on the resilience of the building. For sandy soils, the most common problem present is that the foundation often experiences an uneven rate of decline. Therefore, prior to the foundation was made to be done accurate research which includes; static cone test, Soil Penetration Test, and plate load test and so on relating to soil resistance when having to withstand load.

While the land containing clay or mud is the most difficult land to make the foundation because this type of soil water content is always fused and the water in the place is often saturated. In order to strengthen the load, it is better to make the foundation done in a deeper position in this way the water cannot be affected and the impact of climate change and the environment around the land.