Recognize Three Types Of Foods That Adversely Impact On Teeth

You must often consume a variety of foods that are very bad for your teeth. All of these foods you usually consume without ever knowing that there is a bad danger behind the delicious taste. For that, you need to do the treatment on the teeth properly and regularly. You can take care of the teeth in the dentist bronx ny.

Keep in mind that there are several types of foods that are usually harmful to your dental health. Some of these foods are here

1. Sweet foods
When you eat sweet foods, the sugar will stick to the teeth and mix with the various plaques that are there. So, after consuming sweet foods, do not forget to drink a glass of mineral water to rinse the sugar that is there.

2. Sour food
Food that tastes too acidic can think of an enamel that protects the teeth. As a result, the teeth are more prone to be hollow and porous. One that can damage the teeth is an orange which when you consume you must be careful.