Know these simple yet useful tips when you’ll visit Thailand

How many tourist spots in Thailand will you visit? For outdoor tourist spots such as beaches, waterfalls, caves and national parks should prepare sunscreen and anti-mosquito lotion. Sunscreen will protect your skin from sunburn while on the beach. While the anti-mosquito lotion will protect your skin from mosquito bites when out into the forest to visit the cave or waterfall. When you want to Get away from it all, make sure you prevent additional problems during your vacation.

Learn a language

Before going on holiday to Thailand, it’s good you learn a little Thai Language. As a tourist destination, most Thai people understand English. But there’s nothing wrong if you greet them by using the Thai language. Surely they will be very happy. Thai words you need to learn to include gratitude, greetings when you meet, and other similar phrases.

Buying Food on the Streets

There are many culinary that you can find while walking in Thailand. The price was fairly cheap and tastes no less delicious with the food in the restaurant. But you should be careful when buying food on the side of the road. Keep in mind the cleanliness. Choose a crowded food stall or dinner. Usually, stalls like this food are fresher because quickly sold. Do not forget to wash your hands before and after meals, especially if you choose to eat by the side of the road.