Know Some Types Of Socks And Choose The Match For You

There are different types of socks that you can use for your daily performances. Various types of socks you have to adjust to your needs and appearance. you can still use Colorful Socks in order to keep appearing cheerful by combining it with different types of shoes right.

Here are some types of socks that you can use in your appearance.

1. Casual socks
Casual socks are designed for everyday use. Casual socks can be made of a wide variety of fabrics, but usually not thick enough to protect the legs from abrasions when the feet are too sweaty.

2. Athletic socks
Athletic or sports socks cover a wide range of styles, pieces, and thickness. Usually designed to provide maximum comfort and support a variety of physical activity. Athletic socks are also known to have good absorption. Can absorb sweat and prevent blisters or wounds. Not only for certain activities, athletic socks can be used for a variety of different activities.