Perform optimally on your live streams

For those of you who want to try (or have already) to broadcast live, you should note the following tips, so that more cool live streams (and follower added a lot). In the meantime, you may go to to find the best lighting equipment for your live streams.

1. Lighting

Make sure the surrounding conditions will be in bright frames, or at least not dark. Moreover, if you record a video at night, we recommend using a tool for lighting such as lights.

2. Appearance of self

Before live, you should prepare yourself as well as possible. For example, make sure your face is more interesting to see by applying powder to avoid oily. In addition to the face, the outfit is also not less important. For example, if your video theme is Valentine, you should wear a love-themed shirt.

3. Stable

Recording the video is easy. If you record yourself while holding the camera in hand, the most difficult is probably to maintain the stability of the camera. Moreover, smartphones are very lightly moved. If necessary, wear a tripod or dreadlock.

4. Take advantage of camera features on the smartphone

In the latest smartphone output, usually already equipped with various features support video recording. For example flash and stabilizer feature. Do not forget to enable the stabilizer video feature if you are live while on the move.